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Earth Sky interviews me about NASA’s future

NASA logoI was recently interviewed on EarthSky about Obama’s budget and future plans for NASA. I talked about some of the things I covered in my earlier blog post, but I also added some thoughts about where I see NASA going and what I see its role is.

I’ll have more to say about this soon; I’ve been thinking about it more and I’m scratching my head over some of it.

Anyway, EarthSky is a site filled with interviews from scientists, and has a lot of great content. They cut my interview into two versions; a short 90 second one, and a longer 8-minute on. Both are recorded and on that page. They put up a transcript for the shorter version, but I suggest you listen to the 8-minute version instead.

I say that because whenever I read a transcript of an interview I’ve done, it reads like I’m on some sort of drug. But then I read transcripts from other people who are speaking extemporaneously, and they all sound that way. It’s funny how we parse information we read differently than that we hear. I swear it made sense when I said it– and I’m glad they have the interview recorded on that page as well. So again I’ll urge you to listen to the full 8-minute recording, since there’s more there than on the transcript anyway.