Bad Astronomy

Spot the balloons, get toys for kids

farklogoDARPA is running an interesting contest: they are placing ten red balloons somewhere in the continental United States. Social media groups can register with DARPA, and the first one to submit the correct latitude and longitude of all 10 will get $40,000!

I found out about this at Fark, and so I’ll throw my hat – and all of you – in with them. If Fark wins, they’ll donate the $40k to Toys for Tots.

This all starts Saturday (December 5) at sunup! It’s already started! So read the DARPA page, and if you spot one of the balloons, don’t put it in the comments – we don’t want the competition to see! – but instead, send an email to the Farktabulous Melissa (her email is in that link).

Fark has been pretty good to me, so it’s nice to be able to send a little back. Let’s spot some balloons!

Note: I hate to say this, but if you have delicate sensibilities, then maybe Fark isn’t the best place for you. I, however, still have some atavistic humor left over from being a 15-year-old-boy some time ago, so I love Fark.