Bad Astronomy

Is it cold here, or is it just me?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noted that I’ve been remarking on how it’s gotten a bit chilly here in Boulder. It was about -20 Celsius last night, for example, and it will only warm up a tad in the next day or two.

Now I know why:

That’s today’s Earth Observatory Image of the Day, showing the winter storm that squatted over the western US and dumped snow and frigid temperatures everywhere. Cripes. Funny thing is, there’s not all that much snow where I am, but the temperature! I flew home from California last night (where it was much chillier than usual, but Los Angelinos are hardly used to temps less than that of a room) and as I exited the airport to walk to my to my car, I had to alternate breathing between my nose and my mouth, because it hurt to breathe.

Hurt-breathing is unacceptable. I consider breathing a right, not a privilege. And before you make fun of me, I’ll note that the average temperatures in Boulder this time of year are far higher than what we’re dealing with now. This kind of cold is just stupid cold. I can’t wait for Saturday, when it finally gets above freezing! Woohoo?