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Doctor Who End of Time trailer, preview, spoilers!


If you don’t want to have any inkling of what happens to The Doctor next, then you need to EXTERMINATE/DELETE this post immediately.

(Here’s a picture just to use as filler so you can avoid spoilers):

OK, that’s enough spoilage space.

If you’re a Who fan, and you’ve seen Waters of Mars already, then feast your eyes on this trailer released by the BBC for the next part of the 10th Doctor’s final adventures: “End of Time”, Part 1 of which airs on December 25 in the UK and the 26th on BBC America.

Oh, baby! I know who’s laughing there. Woohoo!

And if that’s not enough, they’ve also released a three minute clip from the beginning of the episode:

[Update: Sorry about the bad link earlier; I thought that was an official release. The video is now from the BBCA site.]

Part 2 – David Tennant’s final episode – will air January 1 in the UK and January 2 in the US. The BBC is releasing the last three episodes (“Waters of Mars” and both parts of “End of Time”) on BluRay and DVD on February 2, 2010.

Wow. I’m going to be very sad to see the end of Tennant’s stint as the Doctor. But I’m also interested to see Matt Smith step in, too. I wasn’t all that happy with Tennant at first, but now he’s my favorite. I’m a skeptic, so I’m always willing, even eager, for new evidence.

So, of course: alons-y!