Bad Astronomy


bananeidoliaQuick! Someone call Ray Comfort!

Yup. It’s Jesus in a banana peel. The article has all the usual nonsense, so I’ll spare you the details. But my favorite part is where the banana owner says, “It definitely wasn’t that way when I bought it from [the store]…. “.

Yes, because once you buy a banana and bring it home, it stays exactly the same forever.

Sigh. I’ve had bananas go bad on the way home from the store. Bananas are the least stable fruit ever. I bet ten minutes after that picture was taken it looked more like the pareidolia in the kitchen sink.

I suppose there will never come a day when the mainstream media will have an article with a picture like this with the headline, “Random pattern in object appears to look vaguely face-like; owner makes no claim of divinity”. That would certainly be news to me!

Tip o’ the polyphenoloxidase to Mauro Mello, Jr.