Bad Astronomy


wootstockIf ever there was a definition for geekgasm, it’s Wootstock: a performance by my mancrush Wil Wheaton, My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, and musicians Paul & Storm.

I would gladly take the box of pain test for the Kwisatz Haderach to get a chance to go to this, but sadly I have a previous engagement. It’s killing me; I tried twice at Comic Con (in 2008 and 2009) to get Adam and Wil together to meet each other, and failed both times (they’re both busy guys)… and now they’re going to perform together and I can’t even go! Worse, Josh Cagan will be there too; he’s a screenwriter and comedian and all around cool guy whom I met at Comic Con. I’d love a chance to hang out with him and his wife Kayla again.

And it gets even worse: Wil intimates that there wil be a special guest at the LA performance, someone fans of The Guild might be very happy to see. I don’t know for sure who he means, exactly. I suppose people who attend will find out.

I just hope Wootstock is such a huge success that it goes on the road and comes to Denver, or that they repeat it in situ at a time when I can go. Otherwise…


Anyway, if you’re in the SF or LA area, Wootstock is on October 19, 20, and 21. Go, take pictures, leave comments here, and make me jealous and miserable.