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Small meteorite hit Ontario SUV

More meteor news!

On September 25, people in Ontario Canada saw a very bright fireball. It seemed likely that it might spawn some actual meteorites (chunks of the original object that hit the ground), so alerts were put out in the media for people to keep an eye out.

That has paid off; a family has reported that some meteorites hit their SUV and broke the windshield. At first they thought it was vandalism and reported it, but later realized what they had, and scientists have confirmed it was a meteorite.

Good on them! I hope more people in that area see this news and report any odd rocks they find as well. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of claims that turn out not to be meteorites, but it would sure be nice to find more real cosmic rocks.

So, Ontarian BABloggees. Seen anything?

Tip o’ the Whipple Shield to Julia Sherred.