Bad Astronomy

Quick and dirties

Just a few things to link to for your evening reading enjoyment and/or frustration.

1) The Orionid meteor shower peaks over the next few days! These meteors, remnants of comet Halley, appear to stream form the direction of the constellation Orion. Check out Tom’s Astronomy Blog and Science@NASA for more info.

2) Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today reports that a scientist working on both LRO and Chandrayaan-1 has been arrested for espionage. Wow.

3) Sylvia Browne just got a book deal with Harper Collins, which includes a series of books by other authors about the supernatural and spirituality, called The Sylvia Browne Collection. Barf. The cool thing is, the linked article mentions Randi, who has been tireless in holding Browne’s feet to the fire when it comes to her claims of the paranormal. Maybe a debate can be set up on The View…?

Nah. Silly question.