Bad Astronomy

Mr. Deity gets squishy

If you don’t know about Mr. Deity, then where have you been? It’s a satirical video series that assumes that God is something of a clueless high-level executive, running into all sorts of issues while constructing the Universe. It’s been around a while, and a new episode just came out called “Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor”. Mind you, it’s only a biological science advisor; Mr. D never talked to an astronomer before constructing the Universe. But the advisor looks like someone I know. I assume that must be coincidence. Or some sort of pareidolia.

The sushi line made me LOL; I’ve had sushi with this particular science advisor and he likes it. Before you accuse him of anything, I’ll note that I eat things containing atoms created in supernovae explosions. Does that make both of us science cannibals? Morals get fuzzy sometimes. I prefer physics.

P.S. If you don’t get the joke at the end, then maybe this piece of unintentional creationist hilarity may help.