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LRO about to hit the Moon!

LCROSS[Update 11:45 UTC): IMPACT! LCROSS and the Centaur rocket have both impacted the Moon, apparently right on target. Ground-based reports are that no plume has been detected, but the observations from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter itself, still orbiting the Moon, will be downlinked in a couple of hours. Keep your eyes on the NASA TV and the LCROSS sites (linked below) for more info.]

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) is about to hit the Moon! The impact time is 11:31:20 UTC. NASA TV is covering the impact live.

The LCROSS site is getting slammed so you may have a hard time getting in. has a bunch of links to places covering the event live too, so try there and see if you an watch this very cool event as it happens!