Bad Astronomy


Jesus on Mars?
OK, look. I have seen pictures claimed to be of God or gods in everything. A taco. An oil smear. Wood grain. A bun, a cheese sandwich, a tree, clouds, and even a shroud or two. I’m something of an aficionado of it, and I think I do pretty well in recognizing it.

But this one baffles me. An article in The Telegraph says (uncited) that the picture of Mars shown here looks like the cloaked figure of Jesus.

Really? I don’t see it. Maybe the jumbled region at the top is the head, and the three dark hills below are the body and elbows. But wow, I really don’t get it. Do you? Maybe someone can outline the figure and leave it in the comments. Because this looks like just a crater with eroded gullies to me.

Tip o’ the mitre to Keith Cowing.