Bad Astronomy

Tulsa, not quite OK

Anna Falling
I sometimes feel that I have to apologize on behalf of America to the rest of the planet. What must they think of someone like Anna Falling, who is running for Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma on the platform that there’s not enough religion in government?

“Some may ask why this issue during a Mayoral campaign? And I say why not?” said candidate Anna Falling.

Pssst! Someone tell her the answer to “Why not?” is: “The Constitution”.

I think that if you run for any publicly elected office, the only prereq is that you have to read the Constitution and answer a quiz with ten True or False questions on it. Sample questions:

1) Is it OK for the government to endorse only Christianity?

2) Would it be legal to, say, put up a stone monument to The Ten Commandments as the only religious icon in a courthouse?

3) Where exactly in the Constitution does it say this country was founded on Christian principles?


I love this part of her website on, “Why Anna?”:

By now you have likely seen that I have stepped out to run to become Tulsa’s next Mayor. We believe that we are the candidate to beat for campaign experience and issue strength.

Psssst (again): referring to yourself in the royal first person plural may not instill confidence in the voters. Unless you’re running for 19th century Queen of England. Then you’ve got a shot.

Tip o’ the crown to Mandy Qualls for alerting me to this.