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Science panel of Eeeeeevvvvvil!

Last week, I moderated a very cool panel at Comic Con about the Science of Science Fiction, stressing science for good or evil in fiction. IMO it was a really good discussion, and now you have a chance to see for yourself! The full video and description of the panel has been posted on the Hive Overmind blog Science Not Fiction, and I’ve embedded it here for your convenience:

[Feel free to grab the embed for your blog if you’d like.]

Watching it, I was struck by how serious the discussion was. Not “serious” as in we were all sourpusses and frowny and finger-wagging – we laughed and joked a lot – but serious in that the depth of the discussion surprised me. I had a lot of fun up there, and somehow I was remembering that as haha fun. But now, thinking back on it, I had fun talking about deep philosophical topics – life, death, torture, memory, the knowledge of self – with smart people.*

Smart people are cool. A panel full of them is awesomely cool, and it was a privilege to stand up there with them. Go give that video a watch. I think you’ll enjoy it.

And, of course, I can’t wait until next year!

* And how much did it rock that Jaime Paglia quoted from Dawkins’ Unweaving the Rainbow? That was a defining moment in the panel for me.