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Meeting for women physics undergrads

Women in Physics meeting poster
This is cool: a meeting at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln for outstanding women undergraduates in physics. I like this idea; it’s not too much after this part of the career path that we start to see an attrition of women in the sciences, so something that fosters their enthusiasm and encourages young women is something I like seeing.

I gave a talk and participated in a teacher workshop at UNL a couple of years ago and had a great time; it’s a nice town and a good group of folks there. If you’re a female physics major (or know one you should tell) this looks like a great opportunity to meet others. Registration is open now and the meeting starts October 30.

And if you don’t think this kind of thing is important, I urge you to read this wonderful post over at Cocktail Party Physics. Yes, this kind of thing is important.

Tip o’ the lab coat to Michael Kingsley.