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I’m at Gnomedex!

[Update: Lots of pictures are being uploaded to Flickr, too!]

Gnomedex logo
I am siting in the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, Washington, attending one of the premier tech geek events on the planet: Gnomedex. It’s a gathering of roughly 300 movers and shakers in the tech community. There are lots of familiar faces, names, and reps here, including people from Microsoft, Seesmic, Bing, Mashable, and more. Robert Scoble is here! The conference is run by my old friend Chris Pirillo, who’s been trying to get me to come for years, and this year I finally did.

Now, true confession time: I’m an idiot. I should’ve known he’d be streaming it live, but I’ve had a lot on my mind lately (I remember last year when I thought I was busy; I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to me minus one year, walk out, and slap myself). I just gave my talk – Online Skepticism, plugging various groups (including the JREF of course) that spread the word of critical thinking online. So, it’s too late to see me, though I suspect video of this will turn up eventually.

There are a LOT of great speakers here, and you should head over to to watch everyone live. While the conference is on, here’s the live stream:

If you’re on Twitter, people are tweeting madly using the #gnomedex hashtag, so you can click that and see what folks are saying (I had some nice comments on my talk, though some folks hated the font I used, which made me laugh).

So watch the stream, and enjoy the conference!