Bad Astronomy

Brea Grant rocks Bad Astronomy

[Update: Brea linked here on her blog!]

I make no apologies for being a fanboy, as I have a lot of lead time doing it (high school, if you must know, when I started going to scifi cons) and have built up a substantial amount of momentum. That’s why I thought it was so cool that actress Brea Grant (Heroes, Halloween 2) knew who I was. I met her for the first time at the astronomy panel I moderated in Pasadena, and I was excited to find out she’d be at Comic Con.

She took a few friends and me to a party hosted by (I may have more on that at a later date) and agreed to go on camera for like one minute and let me be a dork.

The results:

My thanks to her for being so cool. I had a lot of fun hanging with her and her brother (I got one of her CDs too; I traded a copy of my book for it). I hope they’ll be at Comic Con next year!

Brea at her booth at Comic Con 2009

And check her out in the movie Halloween 2, which comes out August 28.