Bad Astronomy

+10 saving throw of skepticism!

Simpsonized Phil Plait
And now my plan is complete. I have been made into a trading card.

The ever-traffic-begging Crispian Jago has created a set of Simspons-style gaming cards based on the most beloved and good-looking of skeptics, and then made an exception in my case.

These cards are really, really funny, and you need to go look at them. He’s got Randi, and Penn & Teller, and PZ, and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, and many more. These are the definition of Made of Win.

Of course, there are some problems with them… I’m a skeptic after all. He included bad words on the card, forcing me to do some COPS-style blurring, and my weapon of choice is the whole Universe, baby. I wield a +∞ ultimate doom there, baby.

But it does really look like me. Though I figured I’d look more like Philip J. Fry. Oh well.