Bad Astronomy

Whoopi doo

I like Whoopi Goldberg, in general. She was awesome as Guinan (a character that was severely misutilized on TNG), and funny in a lot of movies. But in this clip on The View, she’s questioning the Apollo Moon landings. I know she’s being funny, but she also sounds a little serious.

The questions Whoopi asks aren’t hard to answer. No one took the footage of Armstrong’s first step (it was a camera he deployed before stepping off the ladder), and there was a video camera on the rover that shot the footage of the ascent module taking off (remotely controlled on Earth by Ed Fendell). The flag waves because the astronauts were struggling to get the pole in the lunar surface (let a belt hang from your hand at arm’s length and move your arm back and forth; watch the belt ripple despite the fact it can’t be the air making it move).

Etc., and so on, und so weiter, ad infinitum. Someone should point her here.

What does it say when Barbara Walters is the voice of reason? Egads.