Bad Astronomy

TAM 7, the man version

My friend and very funny skeptic Christian Walters wrote what I think is a fairly tidy summary of his TAM 7 experience.

Some quick notes on it:

1) I was in on one of his van rides, doubled over due to the van’s low roof while sitting on the lap of some woman whose name I didn’t catch. I think she works for one of my staff. Anyway, he’s right about Vegas night air.

2) He’s also correct about the people in his audience, or lack thereof. He was gallant enough not to mention me, but in fact I was not there, as I missed half the paper presentations due to incessantly being run around by various JREF needs. The irony of now being part of the JREF is that I can no longer experience the whole TAM, um, experience. I was present for my own talk, however. At least, I remember being there.

3) Christian makes me laugh a lot.

4) If you were at TAM you’ll laugh a lot too. No guarantees for non-TAMmers. YMMV.

Also, awesome skeptic and podcaster D.J. Grothe just posted his own glowing review of TAM. It makes me think we should do this every year.