Bad Astronomy

Some alt-med quickies

Hey, how about some good news on the alternative medicine front? Well, I’ve got some, along with some setbacks. But it’s mostly positive…

1) From Orac: a homeopath is tapped to run the UK’s Lymphoma Association? Note to self: do NOT get sick with in London for TAM UK in October. Holy crap.

2) The Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle-Gazette ran a pro-vax op-ed piece. Good on them!

3) Autism Speaks has had two high-profile resignations this year, both because the organization refuses to accept the overwhelming evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism.

4) More bad press for the Australian antivaxxers, who have been so successful that people Down Under – including at least one baby – have been dying. This particular page was sent to me by David McCaffery. Yes, that David McCaffery.

4) The Onion weighs in on herbal remedies. “So my idiot friends who have never been to medical school don’t know what they’re talking about?” Awesome.