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Science blogging versus journalism

I recently gave a talk at the National Academy of Sciences about science blogging, social networking, and communication in general. I had a lot of fun, and the NAS has posted a podcast about the meeting with some excerpts of what I said (they have a list of older ‘casts as well).

I’ve talked about this before, this new media we’re facing and embracing. Well, most of us are embracing it. Recently, fellow science/skeptic blogger Ben Goldacre ran into some static from a journalist who just doesn’t get it, and in fact appears to have his fingers firmly in his ears while he yells “LALALALALALA!”. I was all set to write about this, but yet another fellow science/skeptic blogger, Steve Novella, took the electrons right out of my keyboard.

He’s right: we need to look to the internet as a solution and opportunity, not a road block to information. Newspapers and other media who took the latter path are finding themselves starved of revenue, because they just don’t get it. Ones who did – like Discover and Seed magazines – are flourishing online. I’d say that’s pretty strong evidence that media and journalists taking hold of this not-so-new medium are the ones who will still be around in the long run.