Bad Astronomy

Quick and Dirty

I may have to start a series of these types of posts, where I link to people who have done work I would do if I had more time. But here you go.

1) Skepchick Chelsea tells us why August is Immunization Awareness Month. September, of course, is Point Your Finger and Make Rude Noises at Jenny McCarthy month.

2) Creationist goofball and banana-lover Ray Comfort doesn’t understand a single thing about science. Surprised? I wasn’t, and neither was Jon Voisey, the angry astronomer.

3) A Kovacs and I were interviewed at Balticon by Paul Fischer for the ‘con’s podcast. We talk space travel, skepticism, JREF, DRM, Trek, and Kim Kardashian. Yeah, you read that right.

4) I promised one more Comic Con post. It’ll go up in the morning.