Bad Astronomy

Launch pad countdown

Tomorrow I head up to Laramie (mmmmm, now with more nico-glycerol), Wyoming to participate in Launch Pad, a NASA-sponsored workshop held by science fiction author and astronomer Michael Brotherton. The purpose of Launch Pad is to help scifi authors learn astronomy and physics so that they can use more in their work. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and it’s even cooler that it’s got NASA funding.

The big guest is none other than famous author Joe Haldeman, who wrote The Forever War, a classic piece of satirical fiction (which is in the works for a Hollywood movie, too!). Joe is a great guy and it’ll be good to see him again. Also attending is my bud Scott Sigler and a bunch of other very cool people. I’ll be there for only a few days, because I have to get myself to Comic Con on Thursday, woohoo!

In the meantime, folks at Launch Pad posted this video of Joe talking about amateur astronomy, from a lecture he gave at LP just a few days ago. Enjoy!