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Apollo interview roundup

Well, it’s been quite a whirlwind week of Apollo goodness! So much news about the 40th anniversary. There were some excellent video and images released, and it’s been cool to hear from all the Apollo aficionados, especially those directly involved with the mission.

I did quite a few interviews for the media, mostly about the Hoax of course, but some were straight. So what the heck, here’re the ones I’ve found (so far!) that talked to me or mention the site:’s “Greatest Conspiracy of All Time?”

New York Times

Das Spiegel

Space Daily


National Geographic


The Toronto Star

Thanks to all the reporters who talked to me.

… and a big wet raspberry to The Arizona Star for posting a pandering puff piece about an Apollo Denier who spouts long-debunked ideas. C’mon, guys. I know research is hard, so let me help you out.