Bad Astronomy

Skeptic mix tape

Dan Loxton is something of a go-getter. He’s editor of the Junior Skeptic portion of Skeptic Magazine, and was the driving force behind “What Do I Do Next?”, a practical guide to active skepticism.

And now he’s done it again! He’s created the Skeptic Mix Tape, a collection of science and skepticism songs to tickle your cerebrum and get you thinking critically. Music to appreciate reality to! I had not even heard of some the artists before, but I really enjoyed the music. And now I have a few folks I need to look into a bit more… (except George Hrab; his skeptical credentials are already pretty solid). You can get more info about the mix tape on eSkeptic, and also at Skepticality.

Oh yeah– he also has a few PSAs there too, including one by… oh, hey! Me! Short and sweet, unlike most of my blatherings. So the next time you need a little moral support and toe-tapping to go with your bunk-shredding, you know where to go.