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Kaguya’s lunar demise

Lunar Ranger 8 photo of the Moon before impact
As mentioned last week, on Wednesday the Japanese lunar spacecraft Kaguya will impact the Moon. I don’t know if the impact will be visible using small (meaning maybe 40cm) telescopes, but if you have something like that with a CCD or video camera, you should give it a try!

The Planetary Society has some details if you wish to participate in observing this event. Remember, the impact is is supposed to happen around 18:26 GMT Wednesday night. I’m expecting to be socked in with clouds tomorrow night, but I don’t have the right equipment anyway. But we’ll see… I bet come Thursday morning the web will be buzzing with images! If you are able to get something interesting, post them at the Bad Astronomy Universe Today forum, and link to them in the comments here.

Or, of course, if you have Celestron equipment, submit them to the astrophotography contest!