Bad Astronomy

For the bored antiscientist

Are you an exhausted antiscientist? Has railing against the mainstream science paradigm got you down? Making up “facts” is tough, and it’s tiring CONSTANTLY TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, using different color fonts, and don’t forget all those exclamation points!!! Not to mention comparing scientists to Hitler and Himmler, and yourself to Galileo and Einstein.

And of course, your mind is soft and not used to real work, so you need to take constant breaks.

Mars Face puzzle
Have I got the time-waster for you! Head (haha, as you’ll see in a sec) on over to Discovery Channel’s Faces of Mars jigsaw puzzle page! There, staring right back at you, you’ll find three clear indications that transhuman aliens from the future dimensions of light have visited the Red Planet and have left us signposts/warnings/idols/guaranteed-money-makers-if-you-yell-loudly-enough.

You’ll have hours of fun here, but be warned: when you finally put the pieces together, you’ll have an actual coherent picture. Don’t be scared, though. Reality sometimes has a way of creeping into even the best conspiracy theory. So sit back and enjoy it. When you’re done, you’ll be in hoag heaven.