Bad Astronomy

Best science post of 2009 voting now open

The other day I mentioned that 3 Quarks Daily is running a contest for the best science blog entry of the past year. I just found out that voting is now open, and there are a LOT of great articles there (here’s a clickable list). I read quite a few when they came out, unsurprisingly; I subscribe to a lot of blogs to try to stay up to speed with science news. What was surprising to me was that there are quite a few blogs I had never even heard of. I don’t have time to keep up anymore, I suppose.

Hey! I think maybe that’s a good thing. When there are too many science blogs to read, then that means more science is getting out there. I know it’s not that simple, but still. Cool.

If you’ve got the time (and it’ll take some) then go through some of those posts listed at 3QD and see what you like. There are a whole bunch in there I need to read, too. Voting ends June 8th.