Bad Astronomy

Astrophoto contest shooting the skies

Mare Crisium from the Celestron photo contest
A reminder: the Discover Magazine/Celestron “Capture the Universe” astrophotography contest is off to a great start. As I write this almost 100 photos have been submitted (including this one shown here of Mare Crisium on the Moon, selected randomly from the ones online).

I’m judging the contest, and I can already tell picking 10 will be difficult; there are a lot of very cool and very beautiful images up already. But don’t let that stop you! If you have Celestron equipment, haul it out, take some shots, and send them in! I’m looking for beauty, I’m looking for interest, I’m looking for odd, unusual, clever. Surprise me! I’m not saying that’ll win, but I am saying that you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. I expect there will be a lot of really terrific images to choose from.