Bad Astronomy

A theory of excited states

When I was in grad school it occurred to my roommate and me that a lot of high-level physics jargon sounds like double-entendres: excited states, stimulated emission, and so on. We would giggle like schoolboys (which technically I suppose we were) and that was about it.

Perhaps I should have pursued this, as there could be funding in it. That’s what Telescoper did, in his essay A Unified Quantum Theory of the Sexual Interaction. Warning: while this is maybe kinda sorta NSFW, it is absolutely not safe for math/physics-phobes. This is high-level jokery about low-level topics. If eigentstates and unitary matrices leave you cold, then don’t click it. But if superpositions and mixing angles collimate your secondaries, then that post’ll be the best thing you’ve read in a long time.

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