Bad Astronomy

Tell Oprah what you think

There are times, as a skeptic, when I know that the answer I get to a question may not be the one I want. That’s part of being a skeptic.

We know Oprah Winfrey’s not a skeptic. So I imagine that when she asks the public for their opinions on what Jenny McCarthy should talk about on her new talk show, well, she may get answers she really won’t want to hear.

What would you like to see featured on Jenny’s show? What would you like for her to talk about? What are you and your friends buzzing about? Any topics you’d like for her to tackle? Are there any questions that you have – that you would love for her to answer?

I have one: why doesn’t Jenny ever mention that she’s an “Indigo mom” anymore? Is it because it would reduce her credibility with everyday folks?

Oh! Here’s another one: why does she claim not to be antivax, when she distorts information about the toxicity of vaccinations?

Golly, the more questions I ask, the more I think of! How does she feel about a four week old infant dying in Australia because of the antivaccination movement down there? How does Jenny feel about all the outbreaks of preventable diseases occurring? (Oh, right, we already know the answer to that one: it’s OK and even necessary for kids to get sick and die to further her cause). Why should we trust her “mommy instinct” over conclusive evidence that vaccines are totally unrelated to autism? What solid evidence does she have that changing her son’s diet relieved his autism? Will she ever have real doctors on her show to discuss vaccines?

Somehow, though, I suspect none of these questions will get answered by Jenny or Oprah… because the answers are really something neither wants to hear.