Bad Astronomy

Get a Galileoscope! Hurry!

A few months ago I wrote about the Galileoscope, a wonderful inexpensively priced telescope that is being produced as part of the International Year of Astronomy. There were some initial problems with shipping, but I have been told that ‘scopes are shipping and will be in the hands of eager folks by early June or July latest! Yay!

Now here’s the thing: production is not so simple for these telescopes, and the folks making them want to continue to do so. But unless they get a bunch of orders right away production will stop. They need orders by the end of May, which means that if you’re thinking of getting one or more – and at $15 each (plus shipping) it’s cheap to do so – then please send in your order now! Don’t wait; if you do it may be too late. At the very least the price will go up, and at worst they won’t be able to make any more.

I bought three: one for my daughter (and, to be honest, me), one for her school, and one to give away on the blog. I’ll do that last bit once they get here – but don’t rely on winning it; I expect to get about 1000 entries for it.

So stop reading this blog and go buy a ‘scope or three. Give ‘em to folks who can’t afford ‘em, donate one to a school, or simply designate your order to go to a faraway land where the kids need the inspiration and awe of seeing Jupiter’s moons, the phases of Venus, the mountains of our own Moon, or Saturn’s rings.

I became interested in astronomy at the age of five because I saw Saturn through a small telescope. Will you please help another child appreciate the wonder of astronomy? You never know where it will take them.