Bad Astronomy

Dr. Kiki, Dr. Thaller, and TWIT

Kiki Sanford is a neurophysiologist, a webceleb, a Skeptologist, and a pretty cool chick (haha: she studies birds. Haha). I’ve known her for a while now (though we only met IRL last year) and was impressed enough with her to invite her to come to the Conference on World Affairs here in Boulder a few weeks ago.

While she was here she interviewed another fave of mine: Michelle Thaller, a space scientist who also loves to talk science to the public. It’s a good brief interview, and worth your time.

Kiki also now has a live web show called Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour with Leo Laporte. There’s a chat room with tons of folks in it, and this week’s show had novelist (and yet another BA tweep) Scott Sigler. I have friends everywhere. Anyway, it was very entertaining, and it’s now available as a podcast. And hey, at 1:04:30 I get a shout-out!

The show runs live every week on Thursday at 18:00 Eastern time (22:00 GMT). Check it out!