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Doctor Who Series 5 SPOILERS: New companion!

BIG SPOILER (kinda) for DOCTOR WHO SERIES/SEASON 5! Go away if you want to be unspoilt!

[Looks around. OK, good.]

Karen Gillan, the new Doctor Who companion
It looks like the old rumors were wrong: the new companion for the Doctor has been officially announced by the BBC: it’s a woman named Karen Gillan. She played a soothsayer in “Fires of Pompeii”, so she’s at least mildly a DW veteran. There’s not much info on her online – though that’ll change pretty quickly, I assure you, and I expect this woman will see an uptick in friends on Facebook – except that she’s 21 years old and has done a few acting stints.

I make no assumptions about her at the moment; Billie Piper wasn’t known as an actress before Doctor Who and she turned out brilliantly. We’ll see.

So now we have a new show runner, a new Doctor, and a new companion! I’m even more excited now about seeing the specials coming out this year and the next, leading into a new chapter for my favorite TV show.