Bad Astronomy

DftS! talk Monday night in Denver

OK, so I’m a doofus sometimes. I’m giving a talk Monday night in Denver, and it’s part of the American Physical Society meeting being held there. So I assumed it was only for members, but it turns out it’s open to the public, so I’m a little late in announcing it.

The lecture will be about asteroid impacts, based on the first chapter of Death from the Skies!, and it will be at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel on Monday, May 4. I was told the talk was at 7:00 p.m., but the meeting website says 7:30. You should get there by 7 if you want to make sure [Edited to add: I’ve confirmed the talk DEFINITELY starts at 7:00!]. I’ll hang out with any BABloggees who arrive early if I can. The website doesn’t say anything about an admission price, so bring a few hundred bucks to throw at me as needed. Hope to see you there!