Bad Astronomy

Alien Hunter: we have winners!

Last week was the BA giveaway contest for the book Confessions of an Alien Hunter and the CD set of the “Are We Alone” radio show.

There were an amazing 835 comments on that post. I went to to get the numbers, and for the first time in this contest, the winner didn’t reply by Monday at noon. Turns out the message I sent got stuck in his spam filter, so let that be a lesson to y’all. I felt badly for him, since something like that never occurred to me, so I’m sending him a consolation prize (basically, random junk I’ve collected at meetings). But I won’t do that again, since now that’s a known problem!

The second number chosen was 798, which belongs to Stephen, who replied immediately, so the CD set is on its way to him.

The third number chosen (to replace the first) was 12, which was from Ewan. He replied, and the book is winging its way to him.

Just to keep me honest:

Note that the later number won the book, because of the spam issue. And I think we all know I lack the skillz needed to fake those images.

Thanks for playing everyone, but don’t fret. There’s more where that came from… a lot more. I’ll have another contest very soon. Stay Tuned!