Bad Astronomy

Ahoy! Thar be changes here!

If you hadn’t noticed yet, there are some changes around these parts of the blog. After much sturm and drang and rending of garments from people, you now have the ability to edit your comments! Also, comments are now numbered, making them easier to follow. You can now refer back to the number of a comment to make it easier for folks to understand what you’re talking about.

The social network button have changed as well; we now have Reddit, Facebook (new!), Fark (new!), Stumbleupon, Digg, and the little green sideways V thingy that allows you to access lots of other socnets. And speaking of which, follow me on Twitter for great justice.

There will be more changes eventually, including pink comments for women and blue for men, red for conservatives and transparent for libertarians, as well as the Esperanto filter and unicorn uploader. Until then, enjoy.