Bad Astronomy

Afternoon quickies

Since my Ten Things You Don’t Know About Hubble appears to be setting fire to the Hive Overmind computers, I’ll keep this short with some links to interesting news and such:

1) Atlantis has successfully grappled with thee with Hubble, and the grand old ‘scope is sitting in the Shuttle payload bay! Soon enough, the extensive servicing mission will begin in earnest. Follow my updates on my BANews Twitter feed (and you can always follow me on my regular BadAstronomer feed as well).

2) Herschel and Planck launch tomorrow!

3) My friend and most excellent skeptic Bob Carroll of the Skeptic Dictionary talks about why Oprah loves Jenny, much to the detriment of children who don’t want measles.

4) Oprah’s contributors (and no doubt O herself) clearly don’t understand what skepticism means. Hat tip to JawsforJesus.

5) Cool illusions!