Bad Astronomy

A new blog prize: the Quarks!

3QuarksDaily has announced that they have set up a prize for the best science blog posts of the year. I think that’s a fine idea; science blogs have been underrepresented in annual blog awards.

It would be impolitic (though not entirely out of character) for me to promote my own blog posts thusly, but if anyone happens to nominate one of my posts, I won’t stop them… and of course if you know of a worthy post on another blog I heartily and seriously encourage you to send it in. I already have.

If by some some freak of nature or mistake on the judge’s part I happen to place in the contest, I will donate the won money to a worthy cause: the JREF. That only seems right.

So start digging around my archives and those of other bloggers, and start submitting. But not, of course, from PZ’s. That would be silly.

Tip o’ the pen nib to Observations of a Nerd.