Bad Astronomy

The Depth of Space

I love love love 3D anaglyphs: those funny red/green images that, when you put on the red/green glasses, pop out of the screen. I’ve written about some space ones before, created by a user named LEM on an Italian space forum. Well, he’s made more, and they are totally awesomely cool. Slip on the bichromatic goggles and soak ‘em in.

Like this one: duck!

I love that the Shuttle is sideways. Somehow that makes it all the more interesting!

And then there’s this:

That’s the Space Station, of course. The Soyuz escape module is on the left, the robot arm on the right, and an array of mechanical equipment studs the station. You really can get a feel for how this thing was built to operate where gravity need not apply.

LEM has created a bunch more of these, many as stunning as the ones here; start here and scroll through. They are amazing.

Tip o’ the colored glasses to Paolo Amoroso.