Bad Astronomy


1) The Guardian has a nice little article on the future of NASA, including a quote by a guy you may know.

2) Speaking of newspapers with funny accents, The Globe and Mail has the history of a perfectly cromulent word I use a lot here on the BA Blog. (Thanks PharmacistScott!)

3) The Carnival of Space #96 is up and running at Cheap Astronomy. As usual, you can spend a whole lot of time perusing outer space at the carnival.

4) Someone playing the Star Formation game thinks they are the Sean Connery to my Alex Trebek:

Nice. I can only assume they are talking about the formation of black holes after the high-mass stars explode as supernovae. In that case: well-played, sir!

Also, #9 must be an MST3K fan. Awesome. But don’t order the pizza.

Tip o’ the electron degenerate gas to Xavier Onassis for pointing this out to me.