Bad Astronomy

My upcoming whirlwind lecture tour!

It’s been a while since I’ve done the multiple-city lecture circuit, but the one coming up makes up for that!

In April, I’m doing some serious traveling to give lectures all over the place. Here’s the scoop:

1) First, I’m in Calgary, Alberta (in Canadia!) on April 16 to give the Peter Sim Memorial Lecture for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The talk is based on my book Death from the Skies!, and there’s no charge for admission. So drop by and see me… and maybe I’ll be wearing my toque.

2) Then I’m off to Amherst, New York (near Buffalo) to give the DftS! talk at the Center for Inquiry on April 18th. That’s $10 for general admission and $5 for students.

3) From there I’m off to New York City (that’s a town not terribly far from Buffalo) for two events:

3a) I’ll be participating in a cozy evening of wine and appertifs with the NYC skeptics on Sunday April 19th. Space is limited (as an astronomer, I’ve always found that phrase ironic) so RSVP early (also ironic, given what the P stand for).

3b) I’m very pleased with this: I’ll be speaking at the Hayden Planetarium on April 20, once again mercilessly plugging my book. This will be very cool, as Hayden is one of the premier planetaria on the planet, and it’s run by my friend Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He asked me to come, and I figured I’d help him out; the poor guy really needs the publicity. He’s really been struggling lately to get his name out there.

4) From there I’m off to Yale University to give a public talk on April 21. I don’t see a link there yet but I’ll post it when it goes up.

Any BABloggees in any of those areas at any of those times? I hope to see you!