Bad Astronomy

Moon movie coming from too far away

Ain’t It Cool news has word that there will be a new scifi movie coming out this summer called “Moon”.

Here’s the preview:

It looks pretty cool, actually, and I’m looking forward to it. Little bit of “Silent Running” in there, and “2001”, and maybe a dose of “Space:1999” and “Sunshine”, too.

But there’s one thing. Here’s the poster:

Nicely done. But then I saw the tagline…

Uh, movie making guys? The Moon is 240,000 miles away, not 950,000. There isn’t anything that far away except a random telescope or two and some very thinly dispersed dust and solar wind.

Sheesh. That’s a pretty awful mistake to make on a poster! I keep telling these guys that for only a million bucks I’ll be happy to vet what they’re doing. Seems like a bargain to me!