Bad Astronomy

Evolution in 120 seconds… contest!

Do you know evolution is true? Of course you do! Unless you’re someone who blindly follows dogma, ignores all evidence, denies reality, and wants to stick your fingers in you ears and go LALALALALALALALALA!

So I’m happy to let you know that our very own Hive Overmind – Discover Magazine, that is – is sponsoring a contest for readers to create a two-minute video about evolution! This is a very cool idea; it forces you to be brief, pithy, and cover something quickly and, perhaps, virally.

For some reason, they picked some squid as one of the judges, but don’t let that stop you. Just include something like this to make him happy and you’re a shoo-in, guaranteed!*

The deadline is noon Eastern time on June 1, 2009, so get cracking! Or Kraken.

* Not a guarantee.