Bad Astronomy

DEATH marches on

When my first book, Bad Astronomy, came out, it was reviewed in a bunch of professional science magazines and such. I haven’t seen any similar reviews of Death from the Skies!, which is a little weird, as the second book has more of a science edge. Hey, editors from Science, Nature, Scientific American, what gives? The folks listed below sure got it right.

Nancy Atkinson holding my book
And I’ll start off with a perfect example: my friend Nancy Atkinson from Universe Today finally got around to writing a review of Death, including a picture of me I had forgotten she took and which made me laugh. I remember the moment that picture was taken; we were all exhausted writing up the fire hose of information from the press conferences at an astronomy meeting in St. Louis. The important thing though? Nancy loved the book. She has excellent taste.

The Evansville Vandenburgh Public Library reviewer liked it, too.

The Library Journal(!) called it one of the best science books of 2008, and even gave it a starred review.

The Melbury Gentlemen’s Club found it oh-so clever and erudite.

Bonus: Nonfiction Lover reviewed my first book!

So where can you get this triumph of non-fiction literature? You can buy a copy here, and also help out a great organization, the James Randi Educational Foundation (of which I am the President).