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Conference on World Affairs wrapup

Following up on my last post

Last night was the traditional last party at the Conference on World Affairs. This is an odd meeting: about 100 interesting and intelligent people from around the globe gather in Boulder and talk about stuff. Seriously. There are dozens of panels each day on topics like the economic crisis, women in science, music as a method of healing, what to do about Iran, and even Twitter.

And it’s awesome. We’re talking seriously cool people here: Seth Shostak, Michelle Thaller, Kiki Sanford, Alex Filippenko, Fintan Steel… and those are just the science folks. Dave and Don Grusin. James Randi (natch). Rachel Maddow. Molly Ivins was a regular up until her death. Roger Ebert. Senator Chuck Hagel gave the opening talk. The list goes on.

I don’t know if I can do this week justice explaining it, so I’ll let Roger Ebert do it. His article about it is perfect.

It really is that extraordinary. I have talked a few folks into coming, and they’re always a little leery at first – I was too, when I was invited to be a panelist back in ‘03 – but after the first day, they’re hooked.

And the parties! But you don’t need to know any more about those; I think the previous blog post gave you a taste – haha – of what they’re like.

If you are anywhere near Boulder in early April, then do yourself a favor and stick around for CWA. It’ll expand your brain, and we can all use a bit of that sometimes.