Bad Astronomy

100 hours of astronomy!

Cripes, I’m getting behinderer every day, so I missed posting about this: The 100 Hours of Astronomy effort began yesterday! It’s a cornerstone project of IYA, to do 100 continuous hours of astronomy-related observations or activities.

For example, telescopes all over the planet are observing the skies and webcasting it all live.

There are star parties all around the world; Popular Mechanics has an alphabetical list of the ones in the US.

Even space probes are in on it; the Cassini Saturn probe team posted their favorite Saturn images on their site in honor of Galileo.

100 Hours was honored in an APOD image, too.

You can follow all this by going to the 100 Hours site, and get info as it happens on their Twitter feed, too. And don’t forget to classify those galaxies!