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The Hive Overmind grows: Welcome to The Intersection!

I’d like to extend the virtual welcome mat (made of electrons only) to The Intersectionthe Hive Overmind’s Discover Magazine’s newest blog! Actually, it’s not new: written by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum, it’s actually been around a few years, but it’s new to DM.

The name refers to the intersection between science and politics, and they both have a lot to say about that. Most of their stuff is a lot more measured and stated more politely than mine – though I would never be rude, heaven forbid – but I think you’ll find a lot of what they say thought-provoking to say the least.

I’ve never met Sheril (that’ll happen eventually, no doubt at the annual cotillion DM hosts on its floating sky platform high above the forests of Brobdignang), but I’ve hung out with Chris once or twice in the past; you’ll see his name peppered throughout my blog. He wrote The Republican War on Science and Storm World, two books I highly recommend.

So fire up your feed reader and drop them in. I guarantee you’ll find their blog an interesting read.