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TAM London: the clock is ticking!

[Update II: The link now works Yay!]

[Update: Evidently the rush of people to look at the site borked the TAM London server. It’s been moved to a new one, but as sometimes happens the global domain name servers take a while to catch up. Please be patient! Thanks.]

As you must know by now, The Amaz!ng Meeting is the premier critical thinking conference in the US. It’s held every year in Las Vegas, and registration is open for TAM 7, which will be held July 9 - 12, 2009.

But what if you’re in London? Well, first, consider yourself lucky to see Doctor Who on the night it airs!

But that doesn’t help much if you want to go to Las Vegas, which is a third of the world away, and your TARDIS is on the fritz. What’s a Brit to do?

How about attend TAM London? Yes, we’re holding a TAM across the pond, on 3 - 4 October, 2009. If you’re wondering just how long a wait that is, then you can visit the official TAM London website, which has a countdown clock download for both Mac and PCs which you can install and use to breathlessly anticipate the very first international TAM.

Soon, the site will have more specifics, like our list of brilliant speakers. For now, though, download the clocks and use them to pace yourself. You have plenty of time to start saving your shillings, or pence, or farthings, or whatever it is you use for currency over there. And don’t forget to join the TAM London Facebook group!