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Saucer Fleet: We have a winner!

We have a winner in the Saucer Fleet giveaway! It’s Pierre Rioux, who was commenter #238. I went to and had it find a random number between 1 and 767 (the last three comments were after the deadline, and I deleted one comment that was a trackback from my post reminding people to enter) and it picked 238. I can prove it! Well, as good as proof gets on the intertoobz.

So I emailed Pierre, he replied, and a copy of Saucer Fleet will be heading his way. But don’t despair! Remember, you can abduct your own copy at a 15% discount by going to Jack’s bookstore to order the book and entering “BABR” (for BABLog Reader) into the promotional code field.

Thanks everyone for participating, and just a tease: I have a lot more stuff to give away. In fact, I may just run another contest very soon, so stay tuned!